In the absence of a godly response from Yarbrough & Sons or First Baptist Church of Blanchard, the Lord has been providentially furnishing numerous interesting indications of His work, His judgment, upon these folks who have resisted His grace from the start all the way to the present time.

Consider this incident from May 17, 2016, in which abolitionists were proclaiming the Gospel outside the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City. A young man in a position to know confirms that Yarbrough & Sons did not in fact walk off the job as has been their revisionist claim since May 1, 2016. Rather, as he says “He finished it.” Watch:

KOCO news was apparently apprised of this matter and has performed an investigation. They interviewed Yarbrough, who evidently declined to appear on camera. Then, they interviewed  this abolitionist, who has no problem standing before anyone, on record, and declaring what he has seen. They ran this brief segment on the 6 o’clock newscast on May 27, 2016 and then this segment on the 10 o’clock news. Unfortunately, these segments failed correctly to express the content of the concerns, and we would like to respond here to the inaccuracies.

First of all, let us examine whether the charge of “harassment” is true. A one-time verbal contact hardly constitutes harassment. If multiple people decide to contact this business to ask them to repent, it is not aggressive, it is not a threat, and it is not demanding a favor or some personal benefit. Rather, it is a call to holiness and to please Jesus Christ. Nobody to my knowledge contacted them more than once and no abolitionist asked anyone to do so. Nobody was asked to threaten them or even to boycott them (though it is certainly understandable why one might decide to do business with someone who hasn’t knowingly constructed abortion mills). In short, members of the Body of Christ called Yarbrough & Sons to follow Jesus Christ, and they call it “harassment”.

As for the rest, it is probably indicative of the reporter’s level of understanding the situation that she begins her report by attributing ownership of Yarbrough & Sons to “Paul and Jessa Deacon”. Darren Yarbrough is the owner and he is a deacon at First Baptist Church, Blanchard. His wife is Leisa. It is unclear who Paul and Jessa Deacon are.

It is true that they were hired to do work for “what they thought was a clinic”, but honestly, the level of naïveté required to see “women’s clinic” and not put two and two together to understand that this is an abortuary is breathtaking. The report later displays on screen written documentation of the job, that it is “South Wind Women’s Center”. Did it never occur to them to google it?

The reporter confidently asserts “as soon as he could, he did rescind the contract”, giving no indication that this is the most central point under dispute. That is not what happened, not at all. All evidence points away from this conclusion, but she treats it as a given.

The reporter characterises the messages as “hateful”, as I’m sure Yarbrough himself describes them. Nevertheless, a plea for repentance is never hateful. Rather, a careful review of the way Yarbrough & Sons and First Baptist Blanchard treated Christians reaching out to them reveals that the hatred resides in their hearts and not in the hearts of the folks asking them to do the right thing.

Abolitionists are said to have come to the Yarbrough & Sons building, “demanding they stop work right away”. Watch the video yourself. Do you hear any “demands”? And yet such a demand would be totally justifiable, as the Lord Jesus Christ has all authority in heaven and on Earth to issue commands and directives to all human beings. It is most certainly a standing command to all humans not to participate in the shedding of innocent blood. The reporter acts like this is a bad thing.

It is revealed that Yarbrough & Sons are lying to the reporter as well, making it sound like they began discovering how to escape their contractual obligations as soon as they found out what the clinic was. This is flatly false. They were told on 17 March. On 25 March they publicly stated they would complete the work. Their trucks were seen there at least twice after 25 March. This post remained up and public until at least the end of April. Now the story changes. They are lying.

“Now, this anti-abortion group is still targeting them.” One wonders in what way they feel they are “targeted”. Even if people were still calling them on the phone and asking them to repent and stop lying, is that “targeting”? Are these folks not speaking exactly like the world speaks, rather than dealing with this situation in a biblical way?

“…This group has even visited his church, passing out cards saying that the deacon and his pastor are murderers.” A few points in response:
1) That is not what the cards said. A modicum of research would have uncovered a photograph of the cards (which we have posted online from the beginning) for the reporter to quote accurately. It appears she did not put forth that effort.
2) Of course she makes it sound like this is a horrible unjust action, poisoning the well as she mentions the incident devoid of its context.
3) How much ethical distance exists between the man who wields the knife and the man who forged the knife for him, knowing that he is a serial killer?

“They too are pro-life.”
This has never been a point of contention. The opinions they hold on a given ethical matter are entirely irrelevant.

As for other notions raised at various times in conjunction with these newscasts, let us discuss the assertion that “they showed up to Yarbrough & Sons’ business in Blanchard”, where “they” refers to abolitionists, implying some large group including Maricle. Only two people have ever set foot near that building, and it was two men, one a Southern Baptist pastor, on 17 March, mere hours after the first phone call to Y&S. To say “they showed up” and to imply that Maricle was included in their number is misleading. If one were to listen to that encounter in its entirety, one would hear Darren Yarbrough assure the pastor and his brother that they fully intended to finish the project. This is a direct contradiction of the intended narrative, as Y&S are now claiming that they quit the job as soon as they found out what it was. As you can see in the video, they did no such thing.

The claim is repeated that when Y&S found out what it was, they called a lawyer to get out of the job, but “this group says it didn’t happen fast enough”. This is a complete fabrication. The problem is that they did not walk off the job at all and are now lying about it, pretending that they did.

The flyers distributed at First Baptist Blanchard are referred to and are said to call Yarbrough and Pastor Finch “murderers”; those flyers didn’t use that language but rather said these men “have blood on their hands”. To say otherwise is not careful reporting but is rather sensationalistic tabloidery.

Finally, “the family tells me they just want it all to go away”. As stated in the full interview, they can make it all go away. If they would repent, apologise, and ask forgiveness, they would receive that forgiveness. Better still, they would be reconciled to the God whose grace and outreach they have so far spurned.

Please find here a recording of the entire interview between KOCO reporter Mecca Rayne and Maricle on this matter: