James 5-5 AHA

Some churches cannot legitimately be exhorted to Christian action, because their official position is to condone evil and dehumanizing acts of murder.  Pro-choice “churches” do not condemn abortion as sin, but instead hold that killing one’s unborn child is a morally permissible option.  As such, these kinds of “churches” openly call good evil and evil good. It is important to highlight the fact that these institutions do not represent the God of the Bible though they may claim parts of that divinely-inspired book as a basis for their operations. While they may claim they are people of faith and therefore children of Abraham (Gal. 3:29), their claims are as false as the Pharisees claiming Abraham as their father (John 8:39-47). They impugn God’s word every time they speak in favor of an act so heinous that God exclaims that “it never even entered his mind”. These “churches” openly endorse the fleshly deed of abortion as a moral choice. It is nothing short of calling murder a moral choice. It is as if these churches boast of their love for Jesus while they openly refuse to do what he says. This is why we cannot with any Biblical fidelity treat these institutions as the Bride whom Jesus died for.

As such, we do not exhort these “churches” to Christian action, but rather protest their approval of the greatest evil of the present age.  These protests have several functions 1) To communicate to the culture/community that, though this institution bears the marks of a cultural “church”, it is not a part of the Body and Bride of Christ. 2) To plead with leaders and members of this institution to repent and turn to the God of the Bible. 3) To create more conversation regarding the mission of the Church and the presence of abortion in these communities.

We are essentially carrying out what theologian and pastor R.C. Sproul recommended evangelicals do years ago when he explained that while the biggest error the evangelical church has made regarding abortion is their silence, another error has been committed by those who are not silent when they focus almost entirely on protesting the abortion clinics. Pastor Sproul noted that while there is value in protesting abortion clinics and their practitioners, the evangelical churches should be protesting and picketing every pastor, church, and denomination that supports the “monstrous evil” of abortion.

Protesting GRACE UMC