Objection 1Objection 1Talking smack about the Bride.

We’re calling for reformation.

Objection 2Objection 2Love and picketing don’t mix.

Our brotherhood in Christ demands no less.

Objection 3Objection 3You are neither a prophet nor an apostle.

We just think it’s good to obey Jesus.

Objection 4Objection 4Where’s your authority?

Truth, not authority, is the question.

Objection 6Objection 6Why not just pro-choice churches?

“Pro-life” churches are part of the problem.

Objection 7Objection 7You are a para-church organization.

We embrace the unity Jesus prayed for in John 17.

Objection 8Objection 8True churches, Gospel, and ordinances

“The Temple of the Lord!” -Jeremiah 7:4

Objection 9Objection 9“Touch not Mine anointed.”

It’s hard to touch Old Testament Israel.

Objection 10Objection 10Abolish sex trafficking?

Wait, does someone think that’s OK?

Objection 11Objection 11Can we come picket you?

Examine yourself, then let’s talk.