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First Baptist Church, Blanchard

Abolitionists exhort Darren Yarbrough, owner of Yarbrough & Sons Heat and Air, as well as First Baptist Church of Blanchard, OK, to repent. Here is the explanation of the events leading up to this call to repentance. Here is the explanation of the aftermath. Soli Deo Gloria

Loving the Church – An Initial Reply to Opponents of Church Repent

Over the course of the re-ignition of abolition in America, some defections were expected, some betrayals anticipated. When abolitionists first came on the scene with a Gospel-centered worldview and an uncompromising approach, not to mention eye-catching graphics and pithy expressions, many were quick to embrace us. As events unfolded, as we ourselves learned more about…

Church Repent idaho still !

First Presbyterian Church of Sandpoint (Pro-Choice “Church”)

On Sunday, April 6, 2014, the Abolitionist Society of North Idaho again went to the street in front of a “church” that supports abortion to call it to repent. The church is the First Presbyterian Church of Sandpoint, led by pastor Andy Kennaly. It is part of First Presbyterian Church (USA), which is a member…