Church Repent idaho still !

First Presbyterian Church of Sandpoint (Pro-Choice “Church”)

On Sunday, April 6, 2014, the Abolitionist Society of North Idaho again went to the street in front of a “church” that supports abortion to call it to repent. The church is the First Presbyterian Church of Sandpoint, led by pastor Andy Kennaly. It is part of First Presbyterian Church (USA), which is a member…


Calling Sandpoint UMC to Repentance for supporting Child Sacrifice

While about 48% of Americans describe themselves generally as “pro-life”, over 60% of Americans actually support legal abortion in the first trimester, and 80% support legal abortion in cases of rape and incest. In the great spiritual battle against child sacrifice, the battlefield is the hearts and minds of our neighbors. The battlefield exists wherever…

Dear Comfortable Christian AHA

“That’s Not My Calling”

One of the greatest misunderstandings that has been propagated in Christian circles is: “That’s your calling, but it’s not my calling”! This excuse is typically used across the board for any “ministry” or gospel command that makes the one offering the excuse feel uncomfortable, whether it be the believer’s responsibility to proclaim the gospel to…