“Pro-life” churches are part of the problem. Church Repent is about awakening churches like those in Revelation 2-3 who need to be stimulated to action.
There are churches that have a name that they are alive but they are dead.

We want to actually abolish abortion, and that can only happen if the church wakes up. The entire culture must repent and be revived, and that is a large job. The Holy Spirit has given the gifts and ministries to the church.
Besides, churches that are said to be pro-life at least sometimes turn out to be pretty pro-abortion in real life. But we are looking to reach out to churches as a whole and also to individuals within those churches, both, at the same time. As Christians our heart’s desire is to see the Bride of Christ actually live like the Bride of Christ.

This objection is founded upon a misunderstanding of our aims and motivations. Just because we may be physically present outside a church on a Sunday morning, for example, does not at all mean that we are always there for the same reason. It may be that we are rebuking a pro-choice church. It may be that the church is said to be pro-life but is actually pro-abortion, having put up a front of deception. It may be that we are pleading for help from the church as a whole and from individuals within the congregation and calling them to greater holiness, aka exhorting them. Too often people see signs held up on the street and they have been conditioned to think “picket”, “protest”, and “Westboro”. We are not bound to what the surrounding culture initially thinks of us, however. We will do what we can to properly explain ourselves in various ways. We will not be governed by others’ opinions and ill-informed judgments.