handing a quadfold at Life Church

Update on Exhorting LifeChurch.TV

On June 30, 2013, Abolitionists arrived at’s campus off of NW Expressway. We were there to plead with their leadership and congregation to love their preborn neighbor. Read this post to understand “Why we chose to Exhort LifeChurch.TV.” After several attempts to contact representatives regarding not only their position on abortion, but what they…


Why Warr Acres, Oklahoma?

Why are we launching the Church Repent project in Warr Acres, Oklahoma?  Warr Acres is the home of Outpatient Services for Women, an abortion facility run by Naresh Patel. It is in Warr Acres that Naresh Patel “lies in wait for blood” (Psalm 10:8; Jeremiah 5:26) “makes the fatherless his prey” (Isaiah 10:2) and profits…


Why We Are Rebuking Grace United Methodist

Grace United Methodist Church stands a mere 1.2 miles from the child sacrifice center operated by Naresh Patel. Such geographical proximity to a place of horror and desecration of the image of God in human beings (born and not-yet-born) is a gift from God Himself. Yet this blessing of opportunity to reach the darkest place…